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Senior Data Scientist

location-img Hyderabad, India
clock-img Full-time

We are trying to find a strategic and inquisitive senior data scientist to develop and run with data-centered projects. To keep with this overarching aim, the senior data scientists are going to be required to stipulate work requirements, assign tasks to junior staff, and monitor performance within the team. you ought to also harness your mastery of knowledge Science to consult on various aspects of those and other projects.

To achieve success as a senior data scientist, you must use data to ultimately inform and promote the company's expansion. Top-notch senior data scientists will assume a prominent role within the development of junior staff.

Senior Data Scientist Responsibilities

  • Creating, suggesting, and managing data-driven projects that advance the business's interests.

  • Data collection and cleaning from various entities for use by junior data scientists.

  • Delegating tasks to Junior Data Scientists in order to complete projects successfully.

  • Monitoring Junior Data Scientists' performance and providing practical guidance as needed.

  • Choosing and implementing advanced statistical procedures to generate actionable insights.

  • Models are cross-validated to ensure their generalizability.

  • Generating and distributing non-technical reports that detail each project's successes and limitations.

  • Suggestions for how the obtained insights could be used to inform business strategies

  • Keeping up to date with developments in Data Science and related fields to ensure that outputs are always relevant.

Senior Data Scientist Requirements

  • A master's degree in data science, statistics, computer science, or a related field is required.

  • Extensive data scientist experience.

  • R or Python proficiency, with the former preferred.

  • In-depth knowledge of SQL.

  • Knowledgeable about machine learning principles and techniques.

  • A track record of developing and managing data-driven projects.

  • The ability to communicate insights in layman's terms in order for them to be used to inform business decisions.

  • Superb supervision and mentoring skills.

  • Capability to create a healthy, stimulating work environment that frequently relies on teamwork.

  • Observance of current ethical standards.


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