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Build a Safe Automated

Agile, Innovation, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Smart Automation
make up the five pillars of this strategy.


The power of Artificial Intelligence

We are an AI service-providing company. We have been in this field of work for a very long time. We held pride in ourselves for using the best tools out there in the market to deal with our clients.

And last but not least our team is made up of smart and talented people that are passionate about their work.A vital component of the software development process is regression testing.



Create an innovative and
safe system.

Testing was stifling AIACME's agile software development approach. RPA was chosen by the company as an innovative solution for test automation.Our system is constantly evolving, and you want frequent new releases, but testing meant that an iteration took six weeks. As a result of spending too much time testing, we are unable to produce quickly enough.

Regression testing is an essential component of the software development process. It entails re-running functional and non-functional tests to ensure that any system changes do not have an adverse effect on previously developed and tested software.


Artificial intelligence is the pinnacle of technological advancement.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help cyberattack defences. Machines will be able to act independently in the future, thanks to a technology known as autonomous intelligence.

RPA ensures smooth functioning and enables user validation testing of system variations for an organisation. This process tends to include the presence of many business managers and subject professionals within the same regression tests post a change in the system some time back.

This tended to take a lot of time and was repetitive, which caused the neglection of tests since people did not have time to themselves.



Enabling efficient procedures

RPA is able to reduce this to around a day. It’s a significant time-saving. Our aim is to automate 80% of all our regression testing as we go forward.

The secret to successful software testing lies in test preparation – especially in ensuring that the test data is correct.

We will help you get started on your intelligent automation journey with complete data security. Working together with business and IT data security, we will completely examine a process, improve it, and automate the entire process.

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