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Create a Secured Automated Ecosystem

Agile, Innovation,Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Analytics and Artificial
Intelligence (AI), and Smart Automation make up the five pillars of this strategy.


Power of artificial intelligence in the insurance sector

We are an AI service-providing company. We have been in this field of work for a very long time.We held pride in ourselves for using the best tools out there in the market to deal with our clients. And last but not least our team is made up of smart and talented people that are passionate about their work.



Create an innovative and
safe system.

The AIACME office drives and steers the Smart Automation program, which collaborates with teams within individual country offices and business units. AIACME began working with several automation initiatives and prototypes in a few in-country business units at the end of 2016.The client had many challenges, they were required to access their day from anywhere with proper authentication methods and also with securely encrypted transactions.


Technology has never been better than artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can support defenses against cyberattacks. Future technology called autonomous intelligence will have machines that can behave alone.Smart Automation has many benefits thanks to our usage of Smart Automation, including reducing costs and bureaucracy, improved productivity, and improved employee morale as we can now focus on value-added tasks.Their solution was to provide staff members the ability to design their automation. So they chose to concentrate on smaller, simpler operations that are repetitious rather than major processes that would produce much higher savings but would take more time.They had to make sure that workers had the necessary knowledge and abilities, and they had to make sure that the technology was in place to support this program.



protection of data from unauthorised access.

Everyone understands the potential of RPA and the role it plays in furthering our Smart Automation strategy. We intend to push on and raise awareness of this technology and its benefits throughout the company.

Your data security will never require another conversational AI and automation platform.

We will help you get started on your intelligent automation journey with complete data security. Working together with business and IT data security, we will completely examine a process, improve it, and automate the entire process.

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