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How automation improves policing operations to better serve the community

With 2.8 million customers, Team is the second-largest police force in the United Kingdom. To stop crime, safeguard communities, and assist those in need, every officer, employee, and software robot has a role to play.


Introducing automation to the workforce

The team, which is establishing the Centre for Applied Automation, was eager to assuage employee reservations right away. A top choice for early automation was the management of shift pattern adjustments in response to demands for flexible working.



Build safe communities

Team, which responds to more than 2,000 emergency calls daily, is a vital part of its neighbourhood. Software robots assist with a variety of back-office tasks, freeing up police officers to spend more time defending the public and less time in the office.

Law enforcement and paperwork must be carefully balanced.To address this issue, West Midlands Police has implemented software robots across the organisation to free up time for staff to concentrate on the work that truly matters—protecting the community.


Implementing AI for robot racing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can support defences against cyberattacks. Future technology called autonomous intelligence will have machines that can behave alone.A top choice for early automation was the management of shift pattern adjustments in response to demands for flexible working. The team used a bot to automate the process, relieving three teams of labour and cutting processing time from 10 business days to 90 minutes.

Employees are thus urged to think of the bots as an extension of their current teams and ultimately as colleagues who can enhance their experience.Top-down support was essential given the stringent budgeting and governance in the public sector.The core team realised the value of automation from the start and that it was preferable to purchase this capability rather than outsource it if we’re going to continue keeping bots which have helped to rapidly grow the project while also ensuring that any current automation continues to function as intended.



Role of AI in countering human bias interventions

The use of software robots in recruitment-related activities will also aid in the fight against unconscious bias. Robots can be employed in vetting, for instance, to not only speed up the process but also to level the playing field and guarantee that every candidate has the same experience.

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